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Self-empowerment – the key to organizational resilience, synergy and agility

A number of years ago, I completed a PhD called “All Hands on Deck” reflecting the dire need in hospitals for all clinicians to operate at their greatest potential – and not to subjugate or diminish themselves to make others feel more superior.  I was focusing in particular on the nursing workforce. What I found was […]

Your paradigm could be undermining you

How effective you are as a manager, probably depends more on your style than your competence. Big claim I know – but I have seen managers who were highly educated, had years of experience – and you would call them incredibly competent – and yet they were ineffective, even destructive. Your ‘style’ is how you […]

Points of Resistance: 3 Critical Steps to Overcome it

No one likes change … Not true. Increasing efficiency, changing models of care, new funding models, new roles. It doesn’t matter how you look at it – change is an inherent part of healthcare – and it is exhausting. I hear people saying: “Just let us go on with our job and we wouldn’t need […]

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Multipliers are the empowering leaders. Empowered leaders, empower others to reach their greatest potential at work and in life. Find out how to be a multiplier in your organization today!

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Dr Elise Sullivan facilitated a webinar called “Clinician 2 Manager” for the ACDN. The Aged Care Development Network (ACDN) is a professional association that was setup to support aged, community and disability workers.