C2M: Managing Budgets

At a time when demand is outstripping the resources to respond, every unit manager needs to the skills and knowledge to manage the money side of the equation. This Program demystifies financial management at the Unit level and empowers the manager to take control of their budget.


Amanda Edwards


19/07/2018 - 9:00 AM


19/07/2018 - 5:00 PM


East Grampians Health Service, Ararat, Victoria, 3377   View map

ealth and aged care organisations are being squeezed from outside and inside. On the outside, there is even less funds for growth available than ever, but even fiercer accountability, additional performance targets, statement of priorities quarterly budgets. Internal pressures come from an increasingly demanding workforce and customers.

We often hear that staff do not seem to know or care about the organisation’s growing deficit – they don’t actively promote or support ideas that will improve efficiency, or revenue. But really, unless they are actively engaged in building their budgets and managing them, why should they?

Giving the Unit Manager the authority and accountability for managing their own Unit’s finances and resources is critical to gaining their buy-in to the organisation’s financial performance. However, one of the biggest hurdles in moving from clinician to manager is managing finances and other resources. Unit Managers often find this really stressful – and some never do it. This Program demystifies financial management at the Unit level and empowers the manager to take control of their budget.

In this Program you will
  • Adopt an empowered, efficient mindset.
  • Understand the rules of the finance game
  • Get to know your business intimately
  • Understand your budget, how to build and manage it, including calculating EFT!
  • Identify strategies and processes to improve your financial position.

In this module, nurses and nurse managers will develop an understanding, skills, strategies and the confidence to manage the people and money in their teams.

***You will receive a certificate of participation indicating the hours your have undertaken.  You will not receive a statement of attainment or formal qualification.**

Is your organisation teetering on the edge, or plummeting into a blackhole?
Can your nurse managers take control of the budget?
Do you like to discover how your unit managers can improve your financial position?

This module can help you managing one your unit's most important resources - money.