How to Manage your calendar

How to Manage your calendar

I just finished another day with a bunch of nurse manager focusing on tools, tricks and tips to manage time in an environment that is increasingly chaotic and overwhelming.

And then I came across this short article on “5 tips to make your calendar work for you not the other way around”. It was heartening that I use a number of these tips already – but even better are the ones that are brand new!

I’d add one more tip that I think is absolutely critical to managing your stress and overwhelm – and that is to completely accept that there will always be far more work than you could ever possibly do! If you accept this then it means some things just can’t get done. So – stop stressing that you can get everything done – it’s not possible! And start to apply the surgeon’s knife to your never ending ‘To Do’ list!

I’d love to hear any tips you have on how you manage your time and get over the overwhelm.

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