Nurses/midwives turn healthcare around…

Nurses/midwives turn healthcare around…

If you want to know what changes will make the most difference in the healthcare sector, ask a nurse or midwife. They are where the action is. They see how patients are experiencing their services and they know why they might not be giving the very best care.

If you want to make the changes that will make the most difference in the healthcare sector – again, ask a nurse or midwife. I have watched in awe as the nurses and midwives in “Clinician 2 Manager Acceleration Program” lead change projects that, within 3 to 5 months, turn their health services around.

They have found 1000s of dollars in more revenue; saved 1000s of dollars; reduced risk; improved staff engagement, accountability and skills. They have reduced absenteeism; developed recruitment and graduate programs for areas like intensive care and emergency care.

Every nurse and midwife we have engaged in our programs want to make a bigger difference. Nurses and midwives, when given the permission, time and support, have the courage and insights to lead transformations.

Count all the money spent on expensive consultancies to tell you change is needed – and how to go about it. If these thousands of dollars were to be directed instead to nurses and midwives to develop their change management skills and strategies, and give them the extra time and support they need to manage the change, you would find, without a doubt, that more change would happen while simultaneously increasing staff engagement.

I have seen this time and again. Try it out. Next time you need a change:

  1. Give it to your nurses and midwives to lead
  2. Ask them what they need to do this well
  3. Give it to them!
  4. Stand back and let them lead the change.

Some of the changes that our Clinician 2 Manager participants have lead include:

  • Increasing ACFI revenue
  • Reducing hours wasted on unnecessary work arounds and administration
  • Introducing new nursing models
  • Introducing a decision-support tool and process to fill staffing gaps
  • Introducing a new more flexible rostering model
  • Embedding a new pediatric observation chart
  • Improving patient flow by changing admission processes and roles
  • Improving access and discharging planning
  • Creating a Grade 4A orientation program and succession plan
  • Developing an ANUM culture and leadership development program
  • Strengthening risk management
  • Building a stronger leadership team
  • Decreasing medication mistakes
  • Pulling the budget back in line by reducing sick and agency use

And the list goes on. With every C2M Group, our participants find new ways of improving their organisation and how their teams perform.

What changes do you need made in your organisation right now?

To help you out, here is a short eBook on the “15 Steps to Managing Change”.


Download your eBook, and then pass this email onto your nurses and midwives – get them inspired!

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