Self-empowerment – the key to organizational resilience, synergy and agility

A number of years ago, I completed a PhD called “All Hands on Deck” reflecting the dire need in hospitals for all clinicians to operate at their greatest potential – and not to subjugate or diminish themselves to make others feel more superior.  I was focusing in particular on the nursing workforce. What I found was […]

Your paradigm could be undermining you

How effective you are as a manager, probably depends more on your style than your competence. Big claim I know – but I have seen managers who were highly educated, had years of experience – and you would call them incredibly competent – and yet they were ineffective, even destructive. Your ‘style’ is how you […]

Points of Resistance: 3 Critical Steps to Overcome it

No one likes change … Not true. Increasing efficiency, changing models of care, new funding models, new roles. It doesn’t matter how you look at it – change is an inherent part of healthcare – and it is exhausting. I hear people saying: “Just let us go on with our job and we wouldn’t need […]

Ever wondered why Healthcare lacks CARE?

I have a theory. Healthcare is like a pressure cooker. There is evidence that suggests if you ever wanted to replicate the conditions of a battle field, you’d walk onto a modern, busy, hospital ward. It’s a battlefield According to a US report into work-related stress in nursing published some years ago, if you wanted […]

How engaging are you as a manager?

I have canvassed hundreds of clinicians to gauge their views on what characterised managers who engaged or disengaged them most. I found that the single most significant factor that impacts on how engaging a manager is not how competent they are – it is the approach they take to doing their role and interacting with their team. We know […]

Key to happiness: Savouring every morsel of life…even the boring bits

Most of us live life like it’s endless, and someday down the track it will be the perfect life we always aspired to have. We get so caught up in ourselves, the business of work, worry and wonder what tomorrow holds, whether we are doing the right things, saying the right things, that we forget […]

Heads are for having ideas – not holding them

As I get older, I find it harder and harder to remember everything I must remember.  Is it my age or is it that I am just doing more? Probably both. Whenever I rely on my head to hold everything I must remember I am invariably disappointed, frustrated, and spin a little out of control […]

How to think under pressure – Hakalau or Expanded Awareness

Have you ever had moments in high stress, pressure cooker moments when you just could not think? Have you ever hoped or wished you could stop feeling stressed or manage your state in any given moment? Being able to effectively do this is being able to step into your ultimate power. I want to share […]