“Provided practical and realistic tools to implement. Reinforced some skills already had and offered new ways to think about leadership.”

Karen Martin, SCHS

“Gave me insights into myself and what things I will do. Now, I might be able to improve my management skills both at work and in life.”

Rosemary Strijbos, Unit Manager, ACM-SHDS Midwifery

“Excellent resource and very informative, would like to engage in other models to manage staff behaviour. I met other people on the course and got valuable inputs. The presentation was excellent and would recommend to other management staff.”

Claudia Hunter, Manangatang Hospital

“In promotion and of advertising, a testimonial or show consists of a person’s written or spoken statement extolling the virtue of a product.”

Mariani Wine, MaWine.co.uk

“Lots of relevant and important topics presented in an informative and relevant way.”

Margot Smith, SCHS

“I appreciated the opportunity to re-visit ideas and theories and learn new ways of team building and working with staff.”

Merran Gibson

“I find it very thought provoking for my own behaviour and the staff I work with. “

Mel Livens, SCHS


“The most valuable thing I learned from this class are self reflection and some practical strategies to help with the transition to become a leader. I am now feeling very empowered and enthused to become one.” 

Jessica Meher, Occupational Therapist, West Gippsland Healthcare Group

“There are so many key points I learned in this program but what stuck with me are self belief, be honest with your self and to know the reasons why you are in your position.”

Dianne Martin, NUM Simpson Wing, Stawell Regional Health

“I now know and understand how LSI affects management style.”

Matthew Campbell, Senior Dentist, Community Health Centre

“The most valuable thing I got from this program was identifying my management style and learning techniques to improve it.”

Allison Woods, ANUM, 70 Lowe Street

“I learned that I should empower others and be supportive to other staff to make me an empowered leader.”

Shency Pereppadan, RN, Kilmore

“To be an empowered leader always remember that positives are way better and stronger than negatives.”

Nicole Lucas 

“One thing I discovered during this program was that my management style is not what I thought I wanted. Well done Dr. Elise Sullivan, much food for thought!”

Deb Funcke, Manager, EBNC

“Management awareness is very valuable, this is the most important thing I learned from this program.”

Craig Newson, Chief Technologist, Radiology

“I should focus on understanding my strengths and weaknesses for self development and hopefully, find strategies to change.”

Susan Hayes, ANUM, Kilmore

” I discovered that we all feel the same pressure with learning a new role and that it is okay to make mistakes along the way.”

Tricia Knight, NUM, Seymour Health


“The nost valuable thing I got from this program was to better focus on priorities.”

Cindy Newman, ANUM OR, Seymour Health

“I am glad to learn how to negotiate with upper management from this program.”

Chris Wasley, Alexandra District

“It is hard to learn the key to negotiation and I learned it from this program.”

Sandra Lamb

“Learning to delegate and negotiate plus resourcing,, planning and batching are a few valuable things I learned from this program.”

Bernadette Lavars, Manager, Kilmore 

“I learned how to draw up a business plan. “

Anne Holt, ANUM OR, Kilmore

“How to up in skills and how to manage issues and time management are one of the few I learned from this program.”

Jatinder Kaur

“It is very important to know how to change the way I request change in others.”

Carmell Carroll, Hard Team Leader, Seymour Health


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