Welcome to 2018 – What is your recipe for success?

Welcome to 2018 – What is your recipe for success?


Welcome to 2018 – How will you be?

Hope you had an amazing festive season. I certainly did. I went away for a couple of weeks with my family to far East Victoria – Mallacoota. Love that place. I am still completely in love with this place. It is like an oasis in my life where I come to decompress and recalibrate – sort out what is important and what isn’t.

At the start of each year, I like to make a declaration about what the year will be about and how I’ll be in it. I mean, if you can’t redefine how you are going to be at the start of each year – then when can you?

I reckon 2017 was about growth and complexity, this year my big word is SIMPLICITY. This is the year for shedding the layers of unnecessary complexity from my life – the worries about things that will never happen, the things that I can no longer do anything about, and the things that no longer serve me – material stuff, habits, relationships, thoughts, behaviours, processes – you get the picture.

This is no mean feat given the 50 or so years it has taken to accumulate them. Some habits and behaviours are hard-wired like well worn tracks in a forest (maybe an understatement – they are more like toll-gated freeways!). The trick will be not replacing them just to fill the gaps left behind. Rather, allow the important things – the things that are purposeful, meaningful and truly valuable to expand to fill the space.

Based on the 4 dimensions I use to define success in my world, my focus this year will be on:

  1. How I live (being vital and feeling grateful and joy every day),
  2. The work I do (that makes a difference, with people that value the difference I make – and building self-sustaining systems and people),
  3. My relationships and partnerships (expanding space for my family and the friends I love) and
  4. How I inhabit the world (reducing my drain on the world’s resources, spending even more time enjoying our natural world, my pets and veggie garden).

I would love to hear what you did to celebrate the new year and how you regenerated yourself.

I am especially keen to hear what you plan to do in 2018 to live your best life; do the work that makes a difference; build the relationships that count and how you intend to inhabit your world. What will you give up, take up or continue? Here is a link to a template I hope helps you to set out your own recipe for success in 2018.

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