C2M: The Empowered Leader

How empowered are you? Highly empowered leaders have the greatest influence on their people and can motivate them to multiply their efforts.


Elise Sullivan
CEO, C2M Course Developer, Facilitator


16/02/2018 - 9:00 AM


16/02/2018 - 5:00 PM


Arthur J Gallagher Offices 4/289 Wellington Parade S, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia.   View map

he Empowered Leader introduces you to the keys to becoming a high performing Unit Manager.

This day is highly interactive and brings together unit managers with experts in healthcare management.

In this Program you will
  • Unpack the role and skills of the high performing unit manager
  • Design the leadership style you need for the greatest impact on you and your people
  • Develop an individualised Blue Print for transitioning from clinician to high impact manager
  • Pick up some tools to help you cope with the pressures of management

Moving from clinician to manager is a major transition in a nurse’s or midwife’s career. It is often hard to leave the clinical ranks and become the stewards of the organisation. But if you don’t make this transition effectively, it gets stressful for you and others.

Unit managers are the lynchpin in health, aged, and community care. But to be the best you can be in this role, and make the difference you want to make, and not be totally overwhelmed and stressed out by it, you need to seriously invest in yourself. This is where you need to accumulate your CPD points. Becoming clear about what the job really entails and how to do it in a way that enables you and your team to thrive – that is the key to becoming a high impact manager.

***You will receive a certificate of participation indicating the hours your have undertaken.  You will not receive a statement of attainment or formal qualification.**

Have you just made the move into the management ranks?
Would you like to understand what a high performing Unit Manager looks like?
Do you want to develop a way of thinking that will set you up to perform, cope and empower others?
Would you like to meet other people like you and talk about the issues that you have to deal with every day?
Would you like to develop your own plan to help you make this transition as smooth as possible?