C2M: Managing Relationships (Conflict & Collaboration)

Managing conflict and difficult conversations is one of the most stressful parts of any manager’s job. In this module you learning how to turn conflict into collaboration and handle difficult conversations with confidence and integrity.


Elise Sullivan
CEO, C2M Course Developer, Facilitator


18/05/2018 - 9:00 AM


18/05/2018 - 5:00 PM


Arthur J Gallagher Offices 4/289 Wellington Parade S, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia.   View map

anaging conflict and difficult conversations is one of the most stressful parts of any manager’s job. For this reason it is often avoided and the issues swept under the carpet or it is hand-balled up the line for some-one else to deal with it. The Victorian People Matter survey results for 2010 showed that 34 per cent of staff witness bullying and 21 per cent had personally experienced it. This is the outcome of conflict and difficult conversation that were handled poorly, or simply avoided altogether.

Conflict that is dealt with poorly leads to increased experiences of bullying, diminished staff satisfaction, increased staff turnover and the associated recruitment costs, increased absenteeism and stress related WorkCover claims. Just one WorkCover claim relating to poorly handled conflict cost a Victorian hospital over $120k; add to this the daily sick leave leading up to the claim – amounting to an average of $700 per day for 6 months – that is $127,400!

This demonstrates the solid return on investment in developing the attitude, skills and approach used by your people to deal with conflict and difficult conversations.

Mastering Conflict & Difficult Conversations is an action-based program designed to develop the skills and tools needed to constructively deal with conflict at work and even outside of work.

In this Program you will
  • Uncover why people experience and deal with conflict so differently
  • Identify alternative approaches to responding to conflict and their impacts
  • Explore how you respond to conflict
  • Discover how you can change the way you experience conflict
  • Develop constructive methods of dealing with everyday conflicts and difficult conversation confidently and effectively.
***You will receive a certificate of participation indicating the hours your have undertaken.  You will not receive a statement of attainment or formal qualification.**

Are stress and bullying claims going up? Are staff disengaged - or leaving? Does conflict result in blow-ups or does it get swept under the carpet? Do issues fester under the surface? Are you spending far too much time on dealing with other people’s conflict? Do you like to discover how you can deal constructively with conflict? Mastering Conflict will give you the mindset, skills and processes to deal with the tough stuff confidently and effectively.