C2M: Managing Time & Delegation

The most common complaint made by managers is that there is simply not enough time to do everything that is on their plate - they feel overwhlemed. This Module will help you understand why you say yes when you should say no, and give you practical strategies to manage priorities more effectively.


Elise Sullivan
CEO, C2M Course Developer, Facilitator


22/09/2017 - 9:00 AM


22/09/2017 - 4:30 PM


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hree in four Australians say that workplace stress is affecting their lives. The ‘simple life’ is a thing of the past. We have more choices, more resources, more information, more connections, and more opportunities. So why are we so dissatisfied? With all of this, the complexity of our lives has increased exponentially and it is no longer very clear which options to take. In fact, for much of our working lives, we do not even believe we have any option but to do it all, and do it all now! In 2012, the Australian Psychological Society found that Australians are reporting higher levels of stress and lower levels of well-being than in the previous year. Recent figures show that stress-related absence at work is costing Australian employers about $30 billion per year. And while we know that work-related stress and being over-whelmed impairs our ability to function in all dimensions of life, we can’t give it up – work is like a drug.

Managing Time and Delegation is an action-based program designed to empower managers to find more time to lead a more balanced, fulfilled and productive work life, and improve your teams’ productivity. This Program is for anyone who is struggling to manage the daily demands of life and work, and looking for powerful and practical solutions to lead a more purposeful life.

In this Program you will
  • Identify your driving purpose and priorities for work and how this helps sort out where you need to spend your time.
  • Crystallise what you need to do to get more time, energy and capacity to achieve the important things at work and in life.
  • Know exactly where you are spending your time, how this is contributing to your life and work goals, and how it might be draining energy and wasting time for you and your team.
  • Understand why you are saying yes when you need to say no.
  •  Develop strategies and skills to manage up and down.
  • Distill what to say yes to, how to say no effectively, and how to empower your people to do more for you (yes – delegate!)
  •  Get more commitment and engagement from those around you to work on the things that matter most.
  • Unpack a powerful process for sorting, planning and organising all the things on your plate so you can stop stressing over them.
  • Establish processes and habits that will put you in charge of your time, commitments and your diary

This Module will help you understand why you say yes when you should say no, and give you practical strategies to manage priorities more effectively.

***You will receive a certificate of participation indicating the hours your have undertaken.  You will not receive a statement of attainment or formal qualification.**

Feeling overwhelmed by your job?
Just not enough time to get everything done?
Feeling exhausted and stressed out?
Are you wondering: Does this ever end? Is this all there is?
Why can’t I say no?
Like to know how to re-balance your work and life?
Want to increase your effectiveness and your team’s productivity?

Managing Time and Delegation takes you through the 10 essential steps to finding more time and energy to do your job well, and lead the life you want.