Fear setting – a strategy for overcoming paralysis

Fear setting – a strategy for overcoming paralysis

If you have read my book, “Laying Bare the Power of You” then you will already know that ‘courage’ is, I believe, one of the key ingredients in self-empowerment. And, as has been said by hundreds before me, courage is not the absence of fear but the preparedness to feel the fear and do it anyway.

But how do you do this?  Can you have a little less courage and move through fear?  Well yes you can. Tim Ferris talks about a simple but very powerful strategy for putting your fears into perspective so that they stop paralysing you. He calls it “Fear Setting”. The exercise is much like a risk analysis you might do for a project or your organisation – but in this case you are applying it to a decision and action that you are frightened of taking.

Clinician 2 Empowered Leader

Along your Journey from Clinician 2 Empowered Leader, you will be faced constantly with situations that scare you and make you terrified that your next step could be catastrophic – and yet you will need to take it.  These fears are not nearly as bad as they first seem.But it is hard to see that at the time unless you have someone to discuss your worries and fears with who understand and have been there. That sort of conversation would give you perspective and some practical strategies for dealing with your fears and also the issues causing them.

That’s one of the reasons I have created the online membership “The Clinician 2 Empowered Leader Journey”, to provide people like you with a community you can turn to when you are worried and get advice or just plain support.

It will be opening soon and so you don’t miss out on early bird offers, join the waiting list by clicking the button below.


Oh, and here is Tim Ferriss’ TED talk – check it out and let me know what you think.

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