How  engaging  are  you  as  a  manager?

How engaging are you as a manager?

I have canvassed hundreds of clinicians to gauge their views on what characterised managers who engaged or disengaged them most. I found that the single most significant factor that impacts on how engaging a manager is not how competent they are – it is the approach they take to doing their role and interacting with their team.

We know there is a direct correlation between how leaders think and how engaging they are. Remember the best leader you ever had. Were they anxious, stressed, controlling – or were they self-confident, trusting, and calm? The secret ingredient is how they feel about themselves –how self-empowered they are in themselves.

So, the very first step in becoming an empowered leader is going inside and having a very close look at how you think – how empowered you are. How you think comes out in how you behave, how you react to your environment or interact with others. Your thinking patterns as a manager, therefore, manifests as your approach to managing – or your style.

The good news is we can measure this, so you get to change it if you want to.

How self-empowered am I?

To find out how self-empowered you are as a manager and reveal the best strategies to grow your own sense of self-empowerment, take this short quizz.

Am I a self-empowered manager?

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