Key to happiness: Savouring every morsel of life…even the boring bits

Key to happiness: Savouring every morsel of life…even the boring bits

Most of us live life like it’s endless, and someday down the track it will be the perfect life we always aspired to have. We get so caught up in ourselves, the business of work, worry and wonder what tomorrow holds, whether we are doing the right things, saying the right things, that we forget to just be, and savour the life we have right now. The following quote really resonated and reminded me that our ultimate purpose in life is quite simply, to live!

“Perfect your beingness by going slowly through the routine of your life until you have it mastered. Do the ordinary things that make up your life. Learn to do those things to the point of mastery. You’ll find great satisfaction in them. Conduct your life from a place of quiet, calm loving. Get it perfected so that the routine of your life does not distract you or disturb you and so you can maintain a state of loving in everything you do.

Then you can expand the scope of your activity, moving your loving heart out to others in a natural, ordinary way. Then you are just present with people, loving them. Living your life in an ordinary way can be the most tremendous service to your fellow man.” – John-Roger

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