C2M Acceleration Program

C2M Acceleration Program


This Program is designed to accelerate the transition from clinician to manager, focusing on the work that unit managers must do to perform well in their roles. It builds the core skills of management while dealing with the day-to-day issues that every nurse manager faces in their units.

The complete program includes all 6 modules across 6 months. Being part of this group for that period gives you the greatest opportunity to really embed the knowledge and mindset needed to accelerate your transition and become a high impact, empowered leader.


Empowered Leadership
25 August 2017, Friday

Time to Manage
22 September 2017, Friday

Managing Change & Continuous Improvement
20 October 2017, Friday

Managing Relationships: Conflict, Collaboration & Culture
24 November 2017, Friday

Managing People
15 December 2017, Friday

Managing Budgets
18 January 2018, Thursday


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All too often nurses and midwives make the transition from clinician to manager without the support they need to build their skills and confidence to do the role well. Some people feel like they have just stepped into the deep end and wondering whether they are going to sink or swim! Dr Elise Sullivan, Director of the Australian Academy of Clinical Leadership, explains how the C2M Acceleration can support nurses and midwives to make this transition successfully.


The Benefits

It is designed, developed and delivered by people who have first hand experience and expertise in nursing leadership and management at every level. The Program is delivered across six (6) face-to-face, full day workshops – one per month. In between, participants access the materials and videos online, and apply what they are learning to their work. It is a highly interactive program, engaging participants in organisational improvement as they develop the core skills, confidence and strategies to manage their units.


Core skills, knowledge and tools

  • Gain the core skills and knowledge to perform your role competently and confidently.  Learn how to manage people, money, change, conflict and time with confidence.
  • Get a kit bag of tools, templates and workbooks to make the job easier.

Empowered mindset

  • Explore the thinking patterns that great, empowering leaders adopt, how this translates into style and how it impacts on the people around them.
  • Reveal your own thinking patterns and design your leadership style to multiply your impact. Translate this insight across your life.

Get a seat at the table

  • Expand your impact on your organisation. Develop a strategy to make a significant improvement in your organisation, lead it and raise your profile as a high performing manager.


  • You are not alone!  You become part of a strong, collegiate support network – one that you can turn to well after the Program has finished.
***You will receive a certificate of participation indicating the hours your have undertaken.  You will not receive a statement of attainment or formal qualification.**


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