So, you want to know how to fit everything in…

So, you want to know how to fit everything in…

One of the big questions driving people to our “Clinician 2 Manager Acceleration Program” is:

“How do I fit it all in and not forget anything?”

Because when you start actually managing a unit in a hospital, aged care service or in a community care service, you quickly realise that the job is big, complicated, and there a many moving parts – and the big concern is fitting it all in your day, and not dropping or forgetting something.

For many people just starting out on their management and leadership journey, possibly the biggest shift they notice is that you don’t get to hand over your role at the end of each shift!!! Your discrete tasks or functions often span more than one day – some are projects that span many months, or even years.

And you realise that a big part of the job is being the ‘issues’ manager. So even when you get a handle on what the jobs are that you have to do each day, inevitably, things crop up that throw your best laid plans completely out the window.

So, there is little wonder you worry that you will miss something, forget something, not even know that something should be done amongst the myriad roles that you take on when you become the manager. And it can be incredibly stressful. For many, the only way to handle this stress and overwhelm is to work harder, for longer hours.

Well, that is just not sustainable. Managing your time and priorities when you are a manager is a core competency. If you do not get this right then it is not only stressful for you but can be stressful for your team (and your boss!!).

But there are proven strategies for nurse and midwife managers to multiply themselves and their time – and that’s what we are addressing in our next module of the Clinician 2 Manager Acceleration Program – Time 2 Manage.

We figure you need to find more time, so you can use this time to develop into a great manager – otherwise you get caught up in a vicious circle! You know what I mean?

So, here are 3 tips to get your started:

  1. Know the difference between important and not important stuff – be brutal about where you spend your time.


  1. Spend time preventing urgent stuff and mistakes happening. So much time is spent on fixing problems or working around them. The more time you spend on preventing issues – and fixing the system the less ‘urgent’ stuff will come up.


  1. Stop multi-tasking! The time it takes for your brain to ‘retool’ between tasks is better spent on the task at hand. Think of your brain like a factory and batch your work so you can spend concentrated, focused attention on the work at hand.
  2. Adopt email management discipline – Emails often get priority attention regardless of who is sending them – and this leads to email overwhelm, important being overlooked, and unimportant ones taking more time than they should.

We dive deeper into each of these strategies and give you the tools you need to implement them in your daily lives in our Time 2 Manage Program.

You can either join us in our one day workshop – or, if you can make the time, join us on online.

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