C2M Program

Di Kenyon

i has been a nurse for over 30 years and has worked in many different roles including clinical, stomaltherapy, education and management. She has worked at Director level in a small rural health service for seven years and now works with leaders and teams. Her focus is always on empowering the leaders and building trust […]

Anthony Gust

Leadership facilitator and coach

Kathy Day

Accredited C2M Learning Facilitator & mentor

Jennifer Gale

Accredited C2M Learning Facilitator & mentor

ennifer is an experienced Health Chief Executive Officer with a background in Executive Nursing, Cardiology and Intensive Care. She is passionate about supporting people to really fulfil their potential. As a health executive she knows and understand from first- hand experience that any health organisation is only as good as the individuals who work within […]

Elise Sullivan

CEO, C2M Course Developer, Facilitator

Elise is a recognized author, speaker and mentor. Elise’s training and mentoring programs creates leaders and cultures that enable people to be the best they can be. Her programs are based on current evidence, including her own research into change, culture, collaboration and autonomy. For an overview of the program she delivers visit: www.elisesullivan.com

Amanda Edwards


Amanda Edwards is an Executive Nurse/Midwife with a background in Emergency Nursing. She has a clinical background clinical emergency nursing in some of the busiest departments in Melbourne. She has led state-wide projects evaluating rural maternity and urgent care services and held Director of Nursing/Clinical Services roles at large metropolitan, small and medium sized rural health services across Victoria. Amanda’s passion is improving performance and managing turnaround for health services. She loves exploring innovative approaches to difficult problems.