We Work with Individuals

  • People who are wanting to transition personally or professionally.
  • People who are looking to ramp up their influence and personal self-empowerment
  • Individuals looking to define their best selves and the lives they need to live it.

We Work with Teams

  • Teams wanting to improve their coherence, collaboration and performance.
  • Teams wanting to develop their synergistic problem solving and decision-making capacity.

We Work with Organisations

  • Organisations wanting to amplify their leadership team’s impact, and drive sustained transformation.

Board Chair Barbara Yeoh and Nurse of the Year Winner Edward Zimbudzi, Nurse Unit Manager, Haemodialysis, Monash Medical Centre. (Source)

Our Students’ Journeys

What better way to showcase the testimony of our program offerings than to show you the journey of participants who have undergone any of our programs? We regularly share in this section accomplishments of our past graduates.


Edward Zimbudzi, a C2M graduate and Nurse Unit Manager, Haemodialysis, Monash Health, was recently recognised for as a “Nurse of the Year” and for “Excellence in Nursing/Midwifery Practice” for his research achievements, both nationally and internationally, and his nursing excellence.  Edward was recognised as a “valued leader who develops his team to prepare for treatment advances and improve quality of life for patients.”

Sarah Davis was recognised for her Leadership Achievements, and Dawn MacRae, as a future emerging leader. Both are also C2M graduates. (Source)