This Program is designed to accelerate the transition from clinician to manager, focusing on the work that unit managers must do to perform well in their roles. It builds the core skills of management while dealing with the day-to-day issues that every nurse manager faces in their units.

C2M: Managing Budgets

At a time when demand is outstripping the resources to respond, every unit manager needs to the skills and knowledge to manage the money side of the equation. This Program demystifies financial management at the Unit level and empowers the manager to take control of their budget.

C2M: Managing People & Performance

‘People issues’ take up most of every manager’s day. It is often the most feared of all management responsibilities. For good reason – it’s complicated, emotional and rarely rationale. But it doesn’t have to be done poorly or painfully. This Program provides a practical framework and skills to manage the people side of the resource equation.

C2M: Managing Time & Delegation

The most common complaint made by managers is that there is simply not enough time to do everything that is on their plate - they feel overwhlemed. This Module will help you understand why you say yes when you should say no, and give you practical strategies to manage priorities more effectively.

C2M: The Empowered Leader

How empowered are you? Highly empowered leaders have the greatest influence on their people and can motivate them to multiply their efforts.

C2M: Managing Change and Continuous Improvement

The health and aged care sector is facing unprecedented change. It is possible to navigate through this chaos but it requires leadership, innovation, adaptability and input at every level of the service.

C2M: Managing Relationships (Conflict & Collaboration)

Managing conflict and difficult conversations is one of the most stressful parts of any manager’s job. In this module you learning how to turn conflict into collaboration and handle difficult conversations with confidence and integrity.